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(last updated 6/8/17)

Community Development Mission in Columbia County

In Columbia County, Kathleen Haas serves as the Community Resource Development (CRD) educator for the Community, Natural Resource and Economic Development (CNRED) program area. CRD educators throughout the State help Wisconsin communities deal with their own unique challenges – resource constraints, business development, growth management, environmental protection and the quality of life. Backed by University of Wisconsin research, Community, Natural Resource and Economic Development educators work with local governments, civic organizations, businesses and community leaders to help people identify their most critical local concerns, to set goals and to work on solutions to problems. Natural resource and environmental educators work with teachers and students, environmental and conservation groups and businesses that rely on the state’s water and land resources.



Economic Development

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Local Government

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Natural Resources

Natural Resources

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If you have any questions regarding Community Resource Development in Columbia County, please contact:

Kathleen HaasKathleen Haas
Community, Natural Resources &
Economic Development Educator 

UW Extension Columbia County
Administration Building
112 E. Edgewater Street
Portage, WI 53901
Phone: 608-742-9683
Fax: 608-742-9862
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