Oak Meadow Reigns

(last updated 11/19/15)

Meeting Information

(Subject to change for special occasions.  If new, please contact leader for next meeting information.)
Date:    2nd Monday of the month
Time:   6:30 pm (most of the time)
Location:   Hutchinson Memorial Library Basement, Randolph

General Leaders

Name:   Wendi Dykstra
Home:   920-326-6490
Cell:      920-219-1641
Email:   sm732bsa@hotmail.com

Name:   Kammey Schultz
Phone:   920-697-8218
Email:    mark_luther_schultz@yahoo.com

Club Officers

President:   Alana Nye
Vice President:  Amber Privet
Secretary:   Kylee Beckius
Treasurer:   Catherine Dykstra

Club Information

(To be updated for 2015-2016 4-H year)
# of Members:   12
# of Adult Leaders:   3

Most Popular Projects:   Horse, Beef, Quilting, Dog

Fundraiser:   Brat Fry

Community Service Projects:   Coggins Day Clinic

Any other interesting information:  We like taking educational trips to historical sites.