4-H Rolling In Clover Newsletter & Weekly Emails

(last updated 12/13/18)

4-H Weekly Email

The 2018 Summary of 4-H Weekly Emails contains items by date only.  Actual emails for the last month are to the left.  If you need something earlier, please contact Jennifer.  Thank you.

4H Weekly Emails

2018 Summary of 4-H Weekly Emails (PDF, 10 pages, 105 KB)

12.3.18 4-H Weekly Update (PDF, 3 pages, 244KB)

11.26.18 4-H Weekly Update (PDF, 4 pages, 120 KB)

11.19.18 4-H Weekly Update (PDF, 7 pages, 229 KB)

11.12.18 4-H Weekly Update (PDF, 9 pages, 285 KB)



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(Please let Jennifer know if you can’t open.)