Family Day of Learning

If you are a Columbia County 4-H Member or a Certified 4-H Leader, parent/grand-parent or an FFA Member – you are encouraged to register and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to gain new skills!!

27th Annual: Family Day of Learning

March 11, 2017

Portage High School – 8:15am-2:00pm

Registrations Due: February 24th!


2017 Family Day of Learning Registration Form (PDF, 3 pages)


2017 Sessions include:

Session #1:  8:30 am – 10:00 am

101–Tree of Life

Gr. 6 – adult                                        Class Limit: 10

Try your hand at a bead project, the Tree of Life. Participants will create this with the help of Rita Bryant of Prairie Flower Beads, Portage. Supplies will be provided so bring your creative flair and plan to have fun!


102–Can You Say Cheese?

Gr. K* – adult                                   Class Limit:  15

Participants will learn to make “super fast mozzarella cheese” from whole milk and then get to taste test their creation. Jenny and Taylor Baerwolf of South Columbus Willing Workers will lead this food science session where youth will watch the milk become cheese.  Participants in Grades K through 2 need an adult helper.


103–How to Make a Barn Quilt

Gr. 3 – adult                                     Class limit:  8

Presenter Jamie Williams of Lodi Challengers will describe and present steps to making/ painting barn quilts. Advice will be shared on materials, resources & tips learned.  Participants may bring a piece of ¾-inch AC plywood which is 2’ x 2’ in size to get started.  Wood primer will be supplied. If you have a pattern, bring that too or learn how to find and create one.


104–Volunteer Orientation

Adult                                                 Class limit:  20

All Columbia County 4-H Leaders, who are not currently certified, must attend volunteer orientation. This training provides information on how our 4-H program works, how to work with youth, and youth protection guidelines.  Successful completion of the training allows the volunteer to conduct 4-H project meetings and work with youth in other ways through 4-H.  It also allows you to be covered by liability insurance. Karen Nelson, 4-H Youth Development Educator, will instruct this workshop


105–Folded Four-Patch Coasters

Gr. 3 – adult                                      Class Limit:  10

Allison Monfort of New Directions will teach this sewing workshop to make fabric coasters. The coaster pattern uses four folded patches. It is good for beginning sewers.  Please bring your sewing machine, all purpose thread, and basic sewing tools / supplies (pins, scissors, etc.)


106–The One-Hour Vest

Gr. 3 – adult                                     Class Limit:  15

Participants will create a vest during this session. They will need to bring the following:  lightweight fleece fabric ( ½ yard for children under 12 or ¾ yard for youth older than 12); scissors; and a tape measure.  Kimberly and Michael Rowe of South Columbus Willing Workers will lead this session.


107–WeDo Robots

Gr. K*- 8                                            Class limit:  18

Participants will work individually or in pairs to make basic robots using Columbia County We-Do Robot kits. Then, as a group, participants will combine the kits to create a group project.  Finally, if time permits, another bigger robot may also be created.  All supplies will be provided.  This session will be led by Brandon Jones, Lodi Challengers.   Youth in grade K-3 need an adult or older youth helper.


108–Photography – Advanced

Gr. 6 – adult                                      Class Limit:  25

Keith Wohlfert, photography expert and county fair judge, will target more experienced 4-H photographers and discuss the following: photo composition, photography rules, understanding your camera, judging tips, and more.  Please bring your camera and samples of past photos you have taken.  Wohlfert will also use State 4-H Photo Displays to teach you about the above topics.  For your information, Mr. Wohlfert did a basic photo session at Arts Day last year and this advanced session will build on that.



Gr. 3 – adult                                     Class limit:  15

Professional artist Chris Dreyer will teach watercolor basics to beginners and expand the talent of experienced artists. In this step-by-step class, Chris will walk you through the watercolor painting process of working light to dark and building up the contrast involved in creating intriguing artwork.   He will discuss the importance of value, shape, color and more.  Participants will take home a beautiful watercolor painting.  All supplies will be provided.



Grade 3 – 12                                  Class limit:  40

Meat Animal Quality Assurance (MAQA) is a required Wisconsin developed program that teaches quality assurance practices to livestock members. Anyone who plans to show market hogs at the Columbia County, Lodi, or WI State Fair in 2017 must be PQA/MAQA certified.  This class will also count as an educational activity, so bring your livestock educational card along to be signed or pick a card up that day.  Youth in grades 6-12, who would like to try to “test out” of the class, should call Pat Wagner at the Extension Office.  If youth test out and do not attend the class, it cannot be logged on livestock educational cards.


Session #2:  10:05am – 11:05 am


202–Got the Munchies? 

Gr. K* – adult                                   Class Limit:  20

Attend this session for some tasty fun as you learn about healthy snacking.  You’ll take home kid-approved healthy snack recipes too! Also, check out new 4-H foods literature and new Columbia County Fair foods project entries.  Karen Nelson will facilitate.


203–Simple First Aid Kit  

Gr. K – 6                                           Class limit:  25

Participants will make a simple first aid kit with help from instructor, Mary Blau, and helpers from the Durwards Glen 4-H club. Please bring a pencil or pen to this class.


204–Animal Sale Etiquette, Marketing Your Project & The Learn More Challenge

Gr. 3 – adult                                     Class limit:  20

Exhibitors who may sell their animal in the Columbia County Sale of Champions are encouraged to attend. It will be taught by Hannah Taylor and Ashley Hagenow of Arlington Prairie Producers.  Youth will learn marketing strategies for their livestock projects and the importance of a positive attitude.  The session will also review the Learn More Challenge Award Program.  Livestock Educational cards for all species will be available for those attending or bring your own so it can be signed.


205–Microwaveable Heating Bags

Gr. 3 – adult                                     Class limit:  10

Microwaveable Rice Heating Bags are easy to make, warm to hold and great for body aches. In this workshop, you will make one to take home.  No previous sewing experience is needed.  You will be using a sewing machine to sew straight seams only.  Fabric, rice and iron will be provided.  Participants need to bring your own sewing machine, pins, thread (white is OK), bobbin for your sewing machine.  (A few extra machines will be available if needed).


206–4-H Possibilities—Oh The Places You’ll Go!    

Gr. 6 – adult                                     Class limit:  20

Learn about the amazing 4-H experiences available beyond the county level. Michael Rowe, 4-H Ambassador, will share his experiences, talk about these opportunities, answer your questions, and explain how you can be part of them!  He will also review the MES form and give you pointers on how to apply for State and National Trips and Awards.


207–Fill Your Cup With Flowers

Gr. K* – adult            Class limit:  10

Students will learn to make a fresh floral arrangement in a coffee cup. Participants need to bring a large coffee cup and bunch cutter, if you have one, for cutting the flower stems.  Other materials will be supplied.  *Grade K – 3 youth need an adult helper.



Gr. K* – 5                               Class limit:  25

Keith Wohlfert, photography expert and county fair judge, will target beginning 4-H photographers and discuss the following: photo composition, photography rules, understanding your camera, judging tips, and more.  Please bring your camera and samples of past photos you have taken, if you have them.  Wohlfert will also use State 4H Photo Displays to teach you about the above topics. *Grade K – 3 youth need an adult helper.


210–Intro to Fly Fishing  

Gr. K* – adult                        Class limit:  20

Learn the basics of fly fishing and lure selection. Practice fly casting and tie your own fly.  This session will be led by Matt Camarato of Arlington Prairie Producers.  All supplies will be provided.  Casting practice will take place outside (weather permitting) so wear an appropriate jacket.


211–Outdoor Cooking

Gr. 1* – adult                                   Class limit:  10

Wendi Dykstra, Oak Meadow Reigns, will instruct participants about how to cook: outdoors, without utensils, using a Dutch oven, and more.  Get ready for informative and tasty fun from this session! *Participants in grade 1-3 must have an adult or older youth helper attend with them. Participants must wear closed toe shoes and have winter gear, as this session will be hosted partially outdoors.  Note: This is a two hour session!


Session 3 – 11:10 a.m. – 12:10 p.m.


303–Four Fun Cupcakes

Gr. K – adult                                    Class limit:  32

Learn four fun, easy ways to decorate cupcakes–turning them into adorable creations.   Use frosting, edible candies and fondant.  A carrying container to take your beautiful creations home will be provided.  All supplies will be furnished.  This session will be presented by Abby Stalbaum, Maggie Stalbaum, Rebecca Stalbaum, and Kyliegha Daniels from Arlington Prairie Producers 4-H club.  Columbia County Cupcake Wars will also be discussed and promo packets will be distributed for the April 1st event!


304–Putting Your Best Foot Forward – Part 2          

Gr. 7 – adult                                     Class Limit:  20

In 2016, Bob Hagenow helped older 4-H members and adult volunteers better prepare for their future. This year Bob will continue that process by reviewing how you develop your life skills to better promote yourself in personal and professional settings as well as how you develop a cover letter and resume for awards, scholarships, and even a job–or anything else you might want to talk about!  This will be a largely interactive session.


306–Nothing is Neater Than Theater

Grade 3 – adult                               Class Limit:  25

In this interactive workshop, you will learn warm-ups and theater games to take back to your community and club. These games and warm-ups will help improve your acting and improv skills.  This workshop is being led by Mara Kolberg with assistance from Michael Rowe and is for the beginner to the experienced.


307–Fill Your Cup With Flowers!

Gr. K* – adult                        Class Limit:  10

Students will learn to make a fresh floral arrangement in a coffee cup. Participants must bring a large coffee cup.  If you have a bunch cutters for cutting the flower stems, please bring it along.  Other materials will be supplied.  *Grade K – 3 youth need an adult helper.  Denise Jones, Lodi Challengers, will present this hands on session.


308–Friendship Necklaces

Gr. K – 5                                           Class limit:  15

Participants will learn how to create a twisted yarn necklace in a few simple steps. Knowing how to tie a knot is a plus, but not required.  Everyone will take home at least one necklace.  Supplies are provided.  Jen and Elizabeth Martens of New Directions 4H Club will lead the session


410 — EXPO and Lunch — 


Bring your EXPO Display and participate from 12:10 – 2:00 p.m.


    • Enjoy the 4-H Leader’s Council sponsored Potato Sundae Lunch and share your EXPO project display.
    • Register for the March 11th EXPO on the Family Day of Learning Registration Form – Use 410 for EXPO and Lunch