4-H Music Festival

Columbia County 4-H Music Festival


The Columbia County 4-H Music Festival is held on a Saturday morning each spring, starting at 9:00 a.m. The Music Festival is held at the Portage Center for the Arts. In addition to 4-H club music presentations, there will be an opportunity for small groups or individuals to perform. Individuals can enter in either individual OR small group in addition to their 4-H club musical. The 4-H club music presentation; however, would be the only category judged and eligible to receive the traveling trophy and be nominated to perform at the Wisconsin State Fair.

When making music selections, please take into consideration the age of the 4-H members and siblings participating and viewing the performances and whether it is appropriate for children. A brief description of each category follows:


Club Music Presentation

Music (instrumental, vocal, and/or dance) is worked around a central theme. Clubs are evaluated on team work, enthusiasm, quality, suitability of material and theme, expression, sequence and pace, costuming and props. Each group is allowed a maximum of 30 minutes of onstage time, including set-up and take down. The recommended performance time is 10 minutes. Participants must be 4-H club members, with the exception of the accompanist. The top 4-H club music presentation will receive the traveling music trophy and will be nominated to perform at the Wisconsin State Fair. It is likely other clubs receiving a blue rating will also be able to be nominated to participate at State Fair. (note:  State Fair performance time is limited to 20 minutes, including set-up and take down)


Small Group Piano, Instrument, Music, Keys, Notes

Music (instrumental, vocal, and/or dance) is worked around a central theme. Small music groups may include 4-H parents or 4-H leaders as well as non-4-H members; however, the number of these other participants cannot exceed the number of 4-H members in the small group. Performance time should be 10 minutes or less. Small group performances will not be evaluated.



Music (instrumental, vocal, and/or dance) is presented by a 4-H club member. The time will be 5 minutes or less. Individuals will not be evaluated.


All 4-H clubs, groups or individuals wishing to participate in the Music Festival should complete a registration form. They are found online at:  https://columbia.uwex.edu/4-h-events/4-h-eventregistrations/ An individual, may register to participate in all three categories. Registration due date is two weeks prior to the event. Everyone is encouraged to attend the 4-H Music Festival and enjoy the wonderful entertainment, whether or not your 4-H club is performing.

Music, Love, Appreciation, Notes


Note: Annually, the Music Festival will be held in the Spring of the year and the Drama Festival will be held in the Fall/Winter of the year!