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Rio Go Getters

(last updated 6/16/14)

Meeting Information

Date:   2nd Saturday of the Month
Time:   6:30 p.m.
Location:   Rio Public Library Meeting Room

General Leaders

Name:   Skyler Severson
Home:  (920) 992-3860
Cell:       (608) 445-8538


Club Officers

President:  Allison La Haie
Vice-President:   Noah Samuelsen
Secretary:  Katie Schroeder
Treasurer:    Joseph Severson
Reporter:  Lillian Cook

Club Information

# of Members:   19
# of Leaders:   4

Major Projects:   Horse, Vegetables, Rabbits, Beef, Sheep

Fundraisers:   Christmas wreath sales

Community Service Projects:   Food drive, food pantry donation, volunteer for community service

Events/Activities:   Bingo/card game with elderly, June dairy month promotion

Other Interesting Information:   We encourage family involvement.