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Durwards Glen

(last updated 1/3/14)

Meeting Information

Date:   2nd Monday of the month
Time:   7:00 p.m.
Location:   Caledonia Town Hall

General Leader

Name:   Joy Considine
Phone:   (608) 742-1027

Club Officers

President:   Claire Blau
Vice President:   Esther Considine
Secretary:   Mason Blau
Treasurer:   Caleb Considine
Reporter:   Therese Blau

Club Information

# of Members:   15
# of Adult Leaders:   3

Fundraisers:   Bake sale at euchre party at Calendonia School; Sale of shortbread and water at Durwards Glen. 

Community Service Projects:   Sweetheart dance at Heritage House; Giving Tree; Manning aid station for Triathalon; Serving food at Durwards Glen Fundraiser

Events/Activities:   Dairy promotion at Kids Day