4-H Charter Documents

(last updated 9/2/2016)

Please Note:  All completed charter documents (*) must be received by the Columbia County 4-H Office no later than October 20, 2016.  If any changes or additions need to be done, they will be returned to clubs/groups at the mandatory Leaders Council training on October 20th.  These documents will be looked over and a determination will be made as to their completeness.  If they are incomplete, you will advised what is needed on October 15th.  If returned to you, the completed charter documents will be due on or before November 1st.  All of the required documents are located on this page.  If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer or Karen. 

Karen Nelson, 608-742-9684; karen.nelson@ces.uwex.edu

Jennifer Evans, 608-742-9687; jennifer.evans@ces.uwex.edu

* Return documents with an asterisk.

* Charter_Completion_Guide (Oct 2015) (PDF, 2 pages, 291 KB)

* Charter Annual Renewal  (PDF, 6 pages, 90 KB) (use this one or next one, not both)

* Charter-Annual-Renewa– Fillable PDF (PDF, 6 pages, 950 KB) (use this one or above, not both)

* 4-H Group Audit Checklist (2015) (PDF, 2 pages, 190 KB)

* Club Web Information (PDF, 1 page, 61 KB) (use one)

* Club Web Information (Word, 1 page, 25 KB)

Annual Financial Report Annual Accounting Report FAQ (Oct 2014) (PDF, 4 pages, 202 KB)
(Questions and answers commonly asked about annual financial requirements)

Fact Sheet 5 – Audits for 4-H Clubs and Groups (Apr 2012) (PDF, 2 pages, 130 KB)

Fact Sheet 6 – 4-H Annual Financial Report (Apr 2012) (PDF, 3 pages, 180 KB)


Other Fact Sheets and Miscellaneous Help:

Fact Sheet 1 – Money Basics (Apr 2012) (PDF, 2 pages, 139 KB)

Fact Sheet 2 – Financial Accountability (Apr 2012) (PDF, 2 pages, 116 KB)

Fact Sheet 3 – Managing 4-H Money (Apr 2012) (PDF, 2 pages, 129 KB)

Fact Sheet 4 – 4-H Fundraising (Apr 2012) (PDF, 2 pages, 102 KB)

Fact Sheet 7 – Excess Funds and a 5-Year Plan (Apr 2012) (PDF, 3 pages, 120 KB)

Acknowledging Charitable Donations (Feb 2007) (PDF, 2 pages, 49 KB)

Considering Expenditures of Over $500, Capital Equipment and Gifts (PDF, 2 pages, 103 KB)